The 1st Hermès Vintage Collector Fair

The 1st Edition of the VCF was exclusively dedicated to Hermès. During this event, the objective was to bring together Hermès collectors and lovers. This 1st edition was a great success and we want to thank all of you !!


The 1st Vintage Collector’s Fair – Hermès

Paris hosted the 23-24 and 25 October 2015 – the 1st Hermès Vintage Collector Fair. 

Three unforgettable days for fans of the orange box and the carriage logo. As in the wings of a theater with walls flanked with Zuber panoramic in a setting of Napoleonic woodwork, the place lit up to offer visitors a unique spectacle. Visitors welcomed as guests at a collectors party, discovered the universe of sellers coming form Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, France and England.
You could admire a Kelly of 1957, the year this iconic handbag was renamed for the first time the name of the Princess. The rare square “Le Jeu des Parachutes aux Champs Elysees”, in bright colors, was the admiration of all the fans that came especially for this event. Many mysterious items were exposed and it is with great pleasure and interest that the owners of these treasures have informed passionately curious visitors to know everything about these memory objects.

Geneviève Fontan who was dedicating in preview her new book “Guide et Codes des Sacs Hermès ” at the event, saw her stack of books melt from day one and had to start an order book. The scarfs’ collectors found with Paul-Henri Studler a warm welcome and all the information to join the Circle of Collectors of Hermès Scarves (CCCH).

Gathering people around Hermès, the brand that rocked the world of fashion and luxury was my challenge. I want to thank all of you for coming and making this 1st Event a great success!
The second edition will be launched soon with a goal in mind “always more and better!”