Antiquorum, modern and vintage watches auctions house created in 1974 in Geneva. One expert is at the disposal of the public for appraisal during the fair.

Françoise Auguet: 19th and 20th Century couture and antique clothing expert. Ms. Auguet is also the charismatic owner of a vintage boutique in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Deanna Farneti Cera: Author and International expert of “every day” jewellery of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, bijoux de couture and fashion jewellery of the twentieth century. Author of several books on the subject, in 1991 she was general curator of the exhibition “Jewels of Fantasy” and editor of its catalogue, published by Harry Abrams, New York. She lives and works in Milano, Italy.

Jérôme Lalande, independent expert and member of the French syndicate of professional experts and of the French Union of experts, has today acquired an international reputation and specialises in Hermès objects and fine leatherwork. He works closely with brands and the most prestigious sales and auction houses.