Exhibitors 2017

Patricia Attwood

Patricia Atwood was lucky enough to be a model in the 1980s and has done catwalks for many people which explains her vast collection of work from this period.

Patricia chooses what she sells in her Marché Serpette shop depending on very personal criteria, striving to only keep the very best of vintage design, in other words pieces that have stood the test of time thanks to their classicism or contrariwise thanks to their ever-lasting and undeniable originality. Patricia likes putting together sumptuous creations and whimsical pieces: putting a bolt chain by Billy Boy around the neck of a Chanel haute couture suit or putting a milk pail bag by Moschino on ablack Givenchy sheath.

For Patricia, there is no fashion without glamour… or without humour!

Marché Serpette
allée 2, stand 7
110, Rue de Rosieres
93400 Saint Ouen, Paris (FR)

Tel: +33 (0)6 23 15 20 71

Mail: pattwood@noos.fr

Website: http://www.that-little-pink-shop.fr/